Local SEO, short for local search engine optimization, is an aspect of SEM related to a website’s placement on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Local search engine optimization is much like organic SEO in that it too is a method affecting the overall visibility of a site or a certain web page within a particular search engine’s free results, often called “free-for-all” or “paid” results. Do you want to learn more? Visit next. As is the case with organic optimization, local SEO considers factors such as the type of audience who will be able and willing to search the Internet using the selected keywords, the available links from other sites within the niche and other relevant factors. While organic optimization tends to be considered one of the most cost-effective methods, many SEM providers and businesses are beginning to use Local SEO as part of an overall SEO plan due to the significant advantages it offers. Local SEO is an essential part of a complete Internet marketing strategy because it enables businesses to reach directly into the customer, allowing them to build brand loyalty, establish a first impression and connect with the consumer in a personal, one-to-one way.

For example, if a business is planning on starting a dental marketing program, they should begin by researching the top ranking sites for dental keywords, as well as local search results for those keywords. After selecting a few suitable websites to study, the business name should then be entered into a search engine for easy access to all the information and backlinks. Using relevant anchor text links and high-quality content links, the dental marketing program will be better able to create a presence within the community and attract new clients and customers.

In addition to building a presence on the first page of a search result, this type of marketing can also improve business sales and overall profits. For example, studies have shown that using anchor text links on a business name in a local SEO campaign can result in an increase of conversions (buyer transactions) of as much as 25%. Additionally, high-quality content pages have been shown to improve customer satisfaction rankings by an additional 15% on average. This means that a company’s website will appear more frequently on local searches, resulting in more local customers, increased sales and more profit. All of these opportunities are realized when businesses begin to implement high-quality Local SEO strategies, such as submitting their business name to popular search engines and creating quality content pages.