Basic locks and keys On all new vehicles, an electronic key or fob is part of the overall key system. The price of replacing an old key fob varies by brand and model from under $50 to more than $100 depending on complexity and brand of the system. Replacing your current key with a new one should always be the first priority as it can often be the easiest and most economical way to secure your car. Read on for some tips on how to replace your fobs.Do you want to learn more? Visit Castro Valley Car key Replacement.


Electronic Remote In older model vehicles, you may have a small electronic key that is installed on the dash board. It is often possible to upgrade to a newer model without having to replace the entire fob. If you want to go with the latest technology, the best way to go about car key replacement is to simply get a transponder key instead of a traditional one. Transponder keys come in various types including hardwired, wireless and generic.

Software Upgrade One of the more popular ways to upgrade car locks and keys is to install updated software. Most modern cars come with computers that are coded to allow the ignition to open automatically when the driver’s finger touches a certain button. However, this is not enough to keep thieves away. Newer, harder-to-guess codes are needed to avoid having your vehicle left unlocked overnight or allow you to enter a restricted area. A professional locksmith can easily download new software that stores information about your vehicle and remotely unlocks it using a special keypad.

Hacking refers to removing your existing key or fobs and replacing them with another one. Some people even make copies of existing car keys so they have a spare in case of an emergency. Car locksmiths can also hack into ignition of cars by installing a transponder and modifying the coding. Hacking is not as common as it used to be but it can be done successfully by some professionals. A skilled technician might be able to hack the ignition of your vehicle and cause enough damage that it becomes impossible to get in anymore.

Electronic Keypad A newer kind of auto locksmiths kit allows the client to replace their existing fobs with electronic devices that are much harder to hack than the old fobs. These devices are known as transponder keys and they usually contain personal information such as the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your car and the vehicle registration number (VQ.) In fact, once a transponder key is installed, all your other keys and access codes are rendered useless. Professional auto locksmiths will remove any existing transponder keys from the vehicle before installing the new electronic ones.

Car Key Duplication If you have lost your original or new keys and suspect that you have bought the same ones at more than one local dealership, you should consider car key replacement. The best thing about this method is that all the dealership has to do is provide you with the original copy. You will no longer have to waste time looking for the right keys at two different dealerships. Replacements may be necessary if you have misplaced original keys or perhaps lost them altogether. Car key duplication takes only a few minutes and you can enjoy the convenience of having all your lost keys at your finger tips. This is also the safest way to ensure that all keys are accounted for.

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