For many businesses, the Internet has replaced the yellow pages; today, consumers may study any word or verb in the dictionary from the comfort of their own homes. Businesses are well aware of this, and as a result, they have all jumped on board the Internet marketing bandwagon. Do you want to learn more? Visit Chesapeake Roofing Contractors. Plumbing, electrical, and even roofing service providers can now be discovered through directories, websites, and forums. Roof directories are typically found on search engines, and they can be searched by geographic area, kind of roofing material, and even manufacturer name. The majority of roof directories are paid links to various roofing websites created by roofing business owners, manufacturers, and trade associations. Now that there are roof directories, finding a roofer has never been easier.


When browsing roof directories, many searchers should keep in mind that roof companies pay to have their websites linked to this directory. Most of the time, you’ll still need to conduct some research on licencing, liability insurance, and referrals. Just because a roof company can be found in a directory doesn’t guarantee they’re trustworthy. To guarantee that they are hiring a professional and trustworthy roofing contractor, they should look at credentials and request formal offers and warranties.

When you’re seeking for a certain type of roofing material and a contractor that specialises in its installation, a roof directory can come in handy. For example, there is a roof directory accessible for cool roofing systems, which are energy efficient and provide an environmentally safe alternative to standard roofing materials for those who are environmentally sensitive. For those who choose to employ recyclable materials for their roofing needs, there is even a “green” roof directory.

In addition, several trade associations offer websites for their members. The Cool Roof Rating Council, or CRRC, is one such website. This non-profit group maintains a website with a roof directory for those roofing companies that have been rated. Roofing materials are rated by the CRRC based on their energy efficiency, solar reflectance, and thermal emittance. Before being rated and included to the roof directory, members must have their products tested by an impartial lab.

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