iPhone repair shops can be found in every major city and most small towns around the world. In fact, they are so popular that you can now even find them online. People who have problems with their iPhones usually head to the closest iPhone repair shop to have it fixed. In many cases, the repair is free but depending on the issue, there might be a fee. For example, if your iPhone stopped working, the repair shop might charge you $100 for the trouble while if they cannot fix it, they might offer you a new iPhone or give you a discount code to get an extra iPhone.Learn more by visiting iphone repair

If you’re considering of having your iPhone repaired, you should make sure that you research every place first. You should also consider the reputation of the place since sometimes, low prices on certain parts might mean that it is a counterfeit item. Also, make sure that they have replacement parts in stock if your phone breaks down for some reason. When choosing an iPhone repair shop, you should check whether they accept returnable phones. This is especially important if the screen is damaged.

If you’re planning on going to a licensed iPhone repair shop, you should also know whether you are covered by their warranty or not. If the phone is still under their warranty, you will usually be able to get an additional two years coverage for iPhone repairs at any authorized service center. However, if the product is already sold out, then you will be limited to one year warranty for any kind of damages. Thus, before buying any kind of iPhone, be sure to check if there’s a warranty or not.