If you don’t think Connection Manager is right for you and you require real-time ecommerce shopping cart integration, please contact us. Not an issue, provided you’ve read the suggestions above and still believe they’re insufficient or don’t provide you with a path to follow. We recommend that you evaluate two options. If you wish to learn more about this, visit try these out

The first is eConnect direct programming (you should be familiar with Microsoft.Net programming languages such as C# or VB – where you’ll find code samples, and possibly C++). Because the eConnect libraries may be included in an MS Visual Studio web project, shopping cart integration can be set to happen as soon as the order is paid. Second, we may provide you with a set of SQL Stored Procedures that are designed to open SOP Transactions for easier data feeding (comparing to eConnect, where some learning curve might be needed)

If you’re looking to deploy an eCommerce solution but don’t think Integration Manager, eConnect, or Order Connector would cut it, we recommend checking out the Alba Spectrum eCommerce module for Dynamics GP Great Plains. We always attempt to save our clients’ consulting budget money, but sometimes the project is too complex and requires a moderate or even large expenditure to complete.

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