Your children will become interested in flossing while they are in early elementary school. You should purchase floss and other dental hygiene items for them. Make it a big deal in their lives, as if they’ve finally ‘graduated’ to getting their own place. They will feel proud and self-sufficient as a result of this. They’ll feel compelled to do it themselves!  this link
Every child develops at their own speed. At the age of eight, some children floss on their own. Most need to be reminded on a regular basis well into their adolescence. Allow them to complete the task when they are ready.
Your child’s paediatric dentist may also have some tactics and recommendations for getting them to floss. Flossing is an important part of preventing plaque and gum disease, so make sure they do it. Do you floss once a day, by the way? That would be an excellent starting point!
I’m betting that whenever you have your picture taken, like most people, you flash a wide grin and show off your teeth for all to see. The state of your teeth says a lot about who you are. A good set of teeth, in my opinion, can reveal something about a person’s personality and send a signal to people around them. People who don’t take the time to care for and control their looks are more likely to have discoloured teeth and stinky breath.
It is a cliché that those who take care of their teeth are more likely to prosper and soar in their chosen career. The level of personal oral care varies from person to person, but it basically boils down to this: the better and more radiant your smile is, the healthier your teeth are. Aside from the visual importance of healthy, attractive teeth, they also aid in correct chewing. It’s tough to digest foods if you don’t chew them thoroughly. A healthy set of teeth also allows a person to communicate effectively.