Lawn services are usually quite pricey when done properly. But the good thing is that if it’s not done correctly or at all, you can do some of it on your own. If you’re looking for a lawn service company, you can get one that will perform all of the work for you and is quite reasonable. For example, average mowing rates are around $0. Scythe per square foot for week, bi-weekly mowing, and edging. The average cost per square foot is actually around $0to $0for bi-weekly mowing and just slightly higher for week mowing. Learn more about Winston-Salem Lawn Service.

Lawn service costs are often calculated on the square footage, especially for small yards. However, keep in mind that once your yard reaches a full acres, your overall costs will switch from individual to whole unit price to make the quotes more accurate. Another thing to remember when you’re considering lawn care is that it is a large task, and the more lawns you have, the larger the overall costs will be.

The average cost for a landscape contractor to professionally maintain your lawns is between four and ten cents per hour. This includes the actual mowing, trimming, and edging of your landscape. Some landscaping companies may charge extra for the edging, mulching, and other things. With the proper planning and pricing, however, you can have a gorgeous yard no matter how many lawns you have. So when you get ready to schedule an appointment with a lawn service, keep in mind the prices listed are only the average per hour; take into account any additional costs that might apply, and you can expect to pay much less per hour for your landscape care.

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