An insurance attorney is an attorney who deals with legal matters pertaining to insurance regulations and insurance laws. Insurance law encompasses legal disputes and issues arising from the purchase, operation, and maintenance of insurance products, such as insurance auto and homeowners insurance. Do you want to learn more? Visit Fresno Insurance Attorney. Insurance attorneys are licensed in all states of the US and are expected to follow professional and ethical obligations while representing their clients. The main function of insurance attorneys is to protect the interests of insurance clients by exercising sound legal counsel and promoting client-lawyer relationship.


A policyholder may choose to engage the services of an insurance attorney for a number of reasons, including resolving uncertainties arising out of a policyholder’s insurance contract, defending a policyholder against damages brought about by conditions inherent in a policy or policyholder’s failure to observe an implied term of the agreement, and filing a claim against the insurer to recover sums which the policyholder claims are owed to them under the terms of a policy or otherwise. An insurance attorney may also advise a policyholder on the preparation and filing of a tort claim or represent them in a claim against the insurer. Insurance attorneys are also authorized to settle claims brought against an insurance company by its policyholders.

A public adjuster is a person who is authorized by the state to settle insurance claims and negotiate terms of a policy with insurers. A public adjuster holds a degree in public accounting and is required to have worked for at least five years in the same position at the time of filing a claim. Although most people think of public adjusters as a rubber stamp when it comes to settling insurance claims, these professionals have a much more comprehensive role. Public adjusters determine whether a claim is valid and whether the insurer has properly paid out and whether the claim is being resolved appropriately.

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