Just a few short years ago, I wrote an article for an online newsletter on why companies should be using real-time inventory tracking. Well, it certainly took some time, but finally it seems that cloud computing software platforms (which let software vendors provide software under the name of apps) have matured enough to where enterprise IT pros are finally getting accepted by the supply chain community as being something worth paying for.find more info about Real-Time Inventory Tracking.

My own experience within the supply chain community has also convinced me that this type of application and software is not only useful, but vital for companies in their quest to become more cost-effective. This is especially true with supply chain applications that enable companies to better manage the logistics process such as material management, workforce management, asset management, and many other processes. The flexibility of real-time inventory tracking coupled with these other capabilities has made them very appealing to many different types of business.

The primary reason for this is visibility and control. With real-time inventory tracking, inventory information can be automatically and rapidly downloaded and shared throughout an organization’s network of partners and distributors. This instantly gives any organization access to up-to-date and complete information regarding the condition of its inventory, which in turn, can lead to improved efficiency, thereby increasing sales and decreasing loss rates. In addition, real-time inventory tracking allows for multiple points of view within the distribution system, which again can lead to better collaboration, communication, and overall organization awareness. These two features alone are powerful reasons why organizations need to consider implementing an omni-channel software delivery architecture if they are serious about using these applications for their benefit.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for utilizing real-time tracking for an organization is the increased control and visibility that it offers over the entire supply chain. Because an omni-channel warehouse management system is able to instantly and reliably view all aspects of a warehouse’s supply chain, including location, status, and status of products, an enterprise can more effectively target its efforts towards those shipments that require the most attention and focus. This greatly reduces wasted resources and inefficiencies, which translate directly into more profit and reduced loss rates. In short, real-time inventory tracking helps provide organizations with an edge when it comes to managing their warehouse systems. For more information on how you can implement real-time tracking in your warehouse, contact a capable warehousing software provider today.