House care services and products are available in many shapes and forms. From a home cleaning and maintenance package that can include a pest control plan to hiring a maid service for the elderly, safety assessments and renovations are available to meet the needs of seniors. The main product categories include: general maintenance, light housekeeping, and emergency preparedness and protection. General maintenance involves cleaning and repairs like: lightening, minor electrical, painting, and minor window cleaning and maintenance.Learn more by visiting TruBlue of Centennial

Light housekeeping includes light dusting, vacuuming, cleaning floors, and minor window cleaning and maintenance. Emergency preparedness and protection include securing keys and emergency exit signs. Seniors also enjoy special house care services called service packages that include the following: personal care products, cleaning products, sponges and washes, creams and body lotions, a host of therapeutic items and more. Most home modifications involve simple changes such as ramps, showers, medications, and home modifications safety assessments. For those seniors who require specialized assistance, there are many agencies that can provide physical and occupational therapy and home modifications. Home modifications safety assessments involve everything from installing handicap accessible bathroom steps to determining the proper floor plan for someone with mobility concerns.

If you are looking for services and products for your home or office or if you are searching for a service for a new home, contact one of the many specialists that provide house care services. With one call, you can get an instant price quote, and then decide whether you need that service or not. You can use the handyman repairs quote as a way of comparing prices. You can also use a handyman repair quote as a tool to negotiate discounts or better deals. A few easy questions will help you determine how affordable a job is for your type of job and budget.