The difference between a funeral and a mortuary is really quite simple. A funeral has been designed to take the body of the deceased person, after which the deceased’s remains can be put in a permanent casket or burial container. Mortuaries however, were designed as a temporary solution to dealing with the aftermath of death. They were used to store the dead person’s belongings until a time when they could be buried. The concept behind a morgue being a place to store dead people’s remains rather than a permanent cemetery is a rather archaic thing, but it is still used today. more info here

In today’s society, it seems that there are fewer families who actually choose to bury their loved one. More people opt to cremate their remains, or turn them into a memorial container such as a cremation container or permanent marker. Cremation and marker technologies have also advanced to the point where they can be very affordable, making them practical choices for any number of families with different budgetary constraints. Because of this, many funeral homes have taken on the task of not only storing and working with dead bodies, but also processing all the cremations they receive. This process is known as the funeral home job. Because this job takes up so much of a funeral director’s time and effort, it is understandable that many families feel that they must go through a funeral home first before choosing to just have the body buried.

What is the difference between a funeral home and a mortuary? The distinction is quite clear. A funeral home is a facility that is run solely for the purpose of viewing and handling of dead human remains. A mortuary is a place of business where those with a body of work can be buried. While some people may view the two terms as the same thing, this is not the case; you don’t need to be working at a funeral home to be buried, and vice versa.