The Triple, an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant halfway up the hill from the levy, a low-lying field that divides much of the town from the river just five blocks east of the main Purdue campus, is also located in town. I suppose the restaurant is still open at the very least.

The name may appear risqué, but when I was a kid, X was just another letter in the Greek alphabet, therefore the restaurant was called the “Tri Chi” rather than the Triple. A few years back, I was sitting at my work, reminiscing about my youth, when I remembered how delicious the hamburgers were there. The buns were buttered and toasted, but that wasn’t what distinguished them. Something about the hamburger made my mouth water even as I remembered the memory.Find additional information at local hamburger fast food chain Montana.

As I sat back in my chair, I closed my eyes and remembered sitting on one of the aluminium, black leather-topped stools along the left side of the horseshoe counter inside. Because of the lack of room, there were no tables. With my eyes closed, I cast a glance to the left. He was standing at the BBQ a few feet away, just below the large picture window facing the parking lot, the back of that faceless short order chef.

That day, I was experiencing an out of body experience, one of those fantastic mental voyages to another time and place that everyone has from time to time without the aid of synthetic substances. “I’m interested as to what makes these hamburgers so unique,” I pondered.

I recall keeping a wary watch on him and muttering to myself. “Is it possible that they didn’t use any hamburger at all? Maybe they struck a deal with Purdue University’s School of Agriculture to develop a new hormonally zed meat product.”