Landscape design is a broad-based art and profession, practised by landscape architects, merging science and nature. In modern practice, landscape architecture links the space around a house with landscape architecture, incorporating both physical and visual aesthetics to create an integrated experience. The field is ever expanding, with new techniques, materials and forms coming into play as we strive to improve our environment. While the field has been traditionally divided into the art of designing landscapes and gardens, these days the term landscape and garden is used to describe any work that improves the quality of our environment, and therefore deserves the term ‘landscape design’. A landscape architect’s main focus may be on creating works of architecture, but many also work as consultants, educators or project managers, contributing their individual artistic and technical skills to individual estates and cities.Do you want to learn more? Visit Landscape Design Tulsa

Modern landscape designs take into account all the major components of the landscape – including humans and their interaction with the natural environment, consideration of building regulations and cost implementation, and consideration of site conditions and access. The use of different components, materials and techniques varies according to the client and the current architectural and landscape plans. Sometimes these residential landscape designs become a part of a planning strategy or are even required by law under some circumstances.

It is not surprising that landscape design and landscaping process involve a number of technical skills. It is important to work with a reputable professional who has the right combination of knowledge, skills and experience. These designers should have a clear vision of the desired outcome, be able to explain the design concept clearly and incorporate the various design elements effectively. They should be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through a portfolio that showcases their work, and should be capable of providing references and clients who can vouch for their abilities.

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