Pediatric Urgent Care facilities augment existing Pediatric Primary Care services by providing high-quality, preventative urgent care to children during the weekends or evenings. This service allows children to go to school in the middle of the day and be seen by a Pediatrician or other pediatric specialist who can provide an early diagnosis and proper care. It is more cost effective than taking children out of school, especially for families who are already stretched too thin. Weekend or evening services are also more convenient for working parents who are often at work during the week. And, these same services are much more affordable for working families than full-time daycare.Feel free to find more information at CHKD Pediatric Urgent Care | Virginia Beach.

Children’s hospitals provide some of the best Pediatric Urgent Care available. Because these facilities are smaller and often less crowded than a regular pediatrician’s office, they provide quick access to some of the most critical illnesses without compromising the level of care that the doctor and patient expect. Children’s hospitals are equipped with doctors and nurses well trained in dealing with emergency situations, such as those caused by illnesses such as viral infections, food poisoning, allergic reactions, and colds or flu. Most children who have serious illnesses stay in their homes because being admitted into a hospital setting may put their health at risk or put them in danger of further illness because the staff is not trained in responding to these emergencies.

If your child does experience an emergency, your family should go to the nearest Pediatric Urgent Care clinic instead of the local hospital. If you do choose to go to a local hospital for treatment, make sure you ask if the doctors there offer Pediatric Urgent Care as well. Some local hospitals will refuse to order hospital medication because they believe that this is not a necessity, but it is up to you to ask the doctors at the local hospitals if they offer this service. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your children’s health and well being. If your child does receive treatment at a Pediatric Urgent Care center instead of a local hospital, the staff members will work closely with the doctors to ensure that the medications ordered are done according to medical guidelines. This ensures that your child receives the best care possible and that they are able to remain healthy, strong, and happy.