The truck verification process is one of the most important parts of the shipping process. There are a number of different requirements that must be met before a shipment can leave the port of origin and arrive at its ultimate destination. Many shippers may choose to use a drayage truck, however there are also a number of manufacturers who make specialized intermodal rail yards that may house dry van, flatbed, and mobile types of trucks. It is absolutely critical that the right types of trucks are selected to ensure a smooth delivery of your goods. click this

There are many instances when it makes more sense to employ a truck company that is more familiar with your exact needs than one that simply has a list of available trucks. The International Fuel Brokers Association (IFBA) provides detailed information on each truck company’s fuel ratings as well as what their delivery fees are. If you are interested in purchasing fuel on-board a shipment, you can request a copy of a fuel rating report that will give you important insight into the truck fleet’s efficiency. These reports are typically more detailed than the ones obtained from the manufacturer, but they still provide useful information about truck fleet efficiency.

Another important aspect to verify is whether the company has obtained any safety code compliance certificates for their vehicles. You can request a certification from the Department of Transportation regarding the truck fleet’s safety code compliance status. IFBA offers the most comprehensive and easily accessible database of safety code violations of all types nationwide. If the trucker is unsure of whether a particular company has applied for a certification, he can perform a self-cert search on the website to find out. Once again, the company should have applied for certification long before the shipment is due to leave the dock.

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