You can only use your solicitor for legal matters if you want to keep your legal costs under control. Clients who meet with divorce counsellors make stronger choices than those who do not, according to our family law experience. Early in the divorce process, those who undergo divorce therapy are calmer, more reasoned, and have more reasonable aspirations and goals. They’re much more rational, willing to take a step back from their feelings to see the big picture. In a divorce case, having a balanced mindset is highly beneficial in achieving successful outcomes. as noted here

Instead of depending on your attorney’s office team to make copies for you, make copies of all your documents yourself. It takes a long time to make duplicates and sort through records and archives. Make use of your in-depth knowledge of the evidence by appointing yourself as the case’s official assistant. Make sure you’re aware of your limits, and don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. There’s no excuse you can’t do the work yourself and assist your attorney’s legal team once you understand what needs to be photocopied, summarised, and coordinated. You can quickly become acquainted with your attorney’s legal assistants. If you have a concern that isn’t about legal advice, contact your attorney’s paralegal or legal secretary by phone or email. This is particularly true when following up on routine matters like court filing status or court dates.

Finally, if you suspect your partner of concealing assets from you, conduct your own investigation by reviewing bank and financial statements, tax returns, paychecks, and all other shared financial reports for any irregularities.

Scott David Stewart is a family law attorney in the greater Phoenix area. He is a member of the State Bar of Arizona, the American Bar Association-Family Law Section, and the Maricopa County Bar Association-Family Law Section.