If you need to drive long distances and have your car ready at the other end, or if you’re moving interstate, or if you just need to deliver your old secondhand car to its new owner after an eBay sale, we can help. Car Transport is a service that allows you to ship your vehicle by route, just like every other package or commodity.You may want to check out my company for more.

The weight that a truck can legally bear is used to calculate shipments. Taller and longer vehicles, as well as those with specialised or custom exterior enhancements, can incur additional charges. The first step in shipping preparation is to wash the car so that any marks, damage, or dents will be visible upon arrival. Internally, clean the vehicle and remove all personal belongings and other items from the front and back seats.

While shipping cars in closed trailers is more expensive than shipping them in open trailers, closed trailers provide much better protection for your vehicle. Before moving the vehicle, make a list of all pre-existing damage and, if possible, take photographs.

But don’t forget to clear your car before getting on the road. Most car transport companies don’t cover it and won’t let you bring your belongings with you. Carriers do not allow personal belongings in the car for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the inconvenience and expense they will face if any goods are lost.

Carriers’ billing practises can differ widely, so read the terms and ask what they mean, particularly if you haven’t been shown any drawings.

Automobile travel insurance is usually issued at no extra expense for the transportation journey. To ensure high quality levels, the car transport services business must assess approved carriers and agents. Mobile phones are mostly carried by auto transport truck drivers. Before you ship your car, get the driver’s phone number from them or their company so you can call him en route and find out when he’ll arrive or finish the drop-off.

Customers may find that having the ability to contact the transporter with problems when the car is in transit or after it arrives, as well as having the driver’s number, is extremely useful. If issues arise during the flight, which is very rare, the travel company’s customer service agent should be available and responsible for keeping you, the customer, as satisfied as possible.