When we talk about ankle problems and other joints problems, we will automatically talk about ultrasound an physiotherapy to cure the problems. Ankle problems can be caused by a number of factors. For example, when someone twists the ankle outward and inward in a swift movement, the fibrous ligament will bend and stretch beyond their limit. This causes a sprained ankle. People suffering from this usually feel intense pain, bleeding, and they will also find small to big swelling in the ankle area. They will also not be able to move on their legs easily.Learn more by visiting Movement 101 

There is an increasing number of people with ankle sprains from year to year. However, sadly, some of them are not treated properly. If ankle sprains keep reoccuring, the person can have an unstable unkla, a condition where the joints become weak and loosen. If it happens, the ankle will not be able to support the body weight of the person. The solution to ankle problems are therefore to cure them immediately by using ultrasound and physiotherapy.
There are also different degrees of a sprained ankle. Sometimes the ankle is just vaguely sprained or tilted and it is caused by small tipping or turning on the foot. Sometimes the ankle area also becomes sore and tender due to ligament tear. This type of sprain is more common compared to other types. Sometimes small or large swellings will accompany the tear on the ankle. Once it occurs, the patient will be unable to stand or their ankle or move easily. The most intense problem is a complete tear of one or some ligaments causing bruising, swelling, and also extreme tenderness.
Ultrasound and ankle physiotherapy are commonly used to diagnose, treat and prevent the ankle injuries. After examining the patient’s ankles, the doctor usually conduct an X-Ray test to ascertain that there are no broken bones and any other underlying problems. The patient will also learn some techniques and exercises to keep their calf and ankle muscles flexible. This will give some time for the injured ligaments to recover fully from injuries. Patients will also be taught simple stretching techniques and movements to help their feet recover so that they can be mobile again.
Ultrasound, which is also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), implements a mild electric pulse to stimulate the injured area. Sometimes heat is also used to stimulate the blood circulation to the injured areas.
In some clinics, ultrasound and ankle physiotherapy are further combined to be used as a medication. While some studies disagree that such combination will bring changes to the rate of recovery, some studies has found that the combination is very effective in curing ankle problems. You can obtain more information about ankle problems and their treatment methods such as ultrasound and ankle physiotherapy in the nearest clinic and also on the Internet.