Electric gates are appealing and can provide your home with much-needed security. An electric gate, on the other hand, can be harmful if it is not correctly operated. Remember the following 7 important safety tips to avoid major harm. By clicking here we get info about The Tech Guys Doors and Gates – Santa Monica Electric Gate Repair
1. When installing an electric safety fence or gate, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. A gate that hasn’t been properly placed could malfunction and badly damage you or someone else. It’s preferable to select a professional firm that understands and can follow all standard safety standards to ensure your gate is placed appropriately.
2. Children should not be allowed to play near or on an electric gate. Unfortunately, children have been maimed or killed by automatic gates in several tragic cases. Automatic gates are incredibly heavy and can easily crush or trap a child, so children should never be permitted to play near them. While they now include safety features to assist prevent these events, you can’t rely on them to keep your children safe.
3. Keep your gates in good working order, and always repair a broken gate as soon as possible. Automatic gates are mechanical devices that must be cared for and maintained if they are to function properly. Call a professional gate or safety fence firm if your gate isn’t working properly. They’ll be able to dispatch a specialist to diagnose and resolve the issue. While paying to have things fixed can be inconvenient, it’s preferable than having to deal with an accident on your property that could have been avoided.
4. Keep the six-foot rule in mind. The controls for your automatic gate should be at least six feet away from the access itself when you instal it. Controls placed distant from the gate lessen the risk of someone reaching through, around, or over the gate to operate the control, which is unsafe. Controls should also be placed in a way that prevents minors from simply accessing them.
5. Select a gate with additional security features. A motion sensor should always be included to assist prevent injury and accidents. If something is blocking the gate (such as a hand or a foot), the sensor will reverse movement or prevent the gate from closing until the obstacle is removed. If someone becomes trapped or pinned, some gates may contain an emergency release mechanism that can be triggered.
6. Put up some warning signs. If you have an electric gate on your property, a visible warning sign can alert people to the potential for danger and remind them to be cautious around the gate.
7. Install a walk-through gate that is separate from the rest of the fence. Automatic gates, which are intended for vehicular traffic, are extremely powerful and can easily injure or kill people. As a result, a separate walk-through gate should be installed as part of your safety fence so that pedestrians can safely approach your property.