It seems like every time we turn on our garage door, there is an automatic announcement about “gotta check the springs” or” tighten that dead bolt”. But what do we usually do when checking our garage doors? We pay attention to the automatic opener, not to the garage door. Garage doors are often neglected during routine garage door maintenance, but the door is more important than you may think. There are several reasons why you should pay close attention to garage door maintenance. click here to find out more

First, garage door maintenance is important to make sure that you do not get stuck on the tracks while walking through the garage and back home. Your garage door opener should work like a well oiled machine – just like the engine of your car. Keeping your garage door springs properly lubricated can add many years of smooth operation to your machine – and sometimes it only takes you a few minutes! Use a light spray-on silicon lubricant for your garage door opener’s rollers, tracks, hinges and springs. This spray helps to prevent friction, and heat damage to moving parts, and prevents rust as well.

Your garage door maintenance routine should also include inspecting for loose hardware. The hardware on your garage entryway should be tight, sturdy, and able to withstand the normal stress and use that your home has to put it through (e.g. how often do you enter and exit your home)?